Massentransporte und Massenverteilungen im System Erde  
    2. SPP1257 Summerschool2. SPP1257 Summerschool  


2.SPP1257 Summer School

The DFG Priority Program "Mass transport and mass distribution in the system Earth" organizes a

Summer School
with the topic
GRACE/GRACE-FO applications for the terrestrial water cycle.

  • Time: 15.-19. September 2014
  • Topic: Interest in the global terrestrial water cycle continues to increase, with respect to its role within the Earth system and the sustainable development of water resources in a globalized world. Water flux, transport and storage on the continents play an important role for atmospheric processes, variability of global and regional sea level, and have a strong impact on global biogeochemical cycles. An improved assessment of the current distribution of water resources and their alterations by human actions, based on an understanding of dominant hydrological processes, is required to further our ability to “think globally, (and) act locally”. With the GRACE satellite mission, water storage changes have become measurable as temporal variations of the Earth’s gravity field, and water levels are now being derived from space through radar altimetry. More advanced sensors such as GRACE-FO will allow scientists and managers to portray the terrestrial water cycle with improved resolution and accuracy.
  • Goal: The Summer School will provide a group of 40 Ph.D. students and junior scientists with a basis in knowledge, understanding and tools for the assessment of the terrestrial hydrological cycle and its variability through space gravimetric and radar altimetric data products. Lectures will cover a range of hydrological processes, observations by GRACE, the projected GRACE-FO mission, and radar altimetric methods applied to inland water bodies, as well as methods and tools for data processing and data assimilation.
  • Language:The summer school will be held in English.
  • Costs: The participation fee is 350 € including accommodation, full board, excursions, lectures.
  • Accomodation: Accomodation will in principle be in double rooms, participants can indicate a preferred room mate. The booking of a limited number of single rooms is possible in case of availability for an extra charge of 100€.
  • Organization: The local organization will be handled by Dr. Annette Eicker, Bonn. The scientific organization is the responsibility of the coordination group of the SPP1257, led by Prof. Jürgen Kusche.